Great Ways To Network A Real Estate Agency

Everyone knows the importance of SEO and PPC marketing, but have you thought about networking for a business to be successful? Everyone is also aware of the fundamental aspects of networking, such as family, friends, colleagues at work, and conventions. However, there are other ways to network that one may not realize initially, and this article will discuss two of those ways.

Through Writing Articles

At first glance, one would never view writing articles to network, but it turns out that article writing and networking have a strong link. As you write articles on article writing websites like EzineArticles, other writers begin to notice your writing. They may start to make connections with you via the social media networks on the various article networking sites.

In particular, I have noticed that as I continue to write articles week after week, I receive several invitations from other writers on this site to establish a connection with them. This kind of networking takes a long time to build but is well worth it as these people are writers who have seen your work and are likely impressed with the quality of the articles you are produced thus far. Thus, writing articles is a great way to establish a network of contacts that may prove useful to your business down the road.

Through Your Followers At Twitter

You may not realize at first glance how helpful your followers for your business’s Twitter account are until you notice the followers who have stayed with you. In a Twitter account, people may choose to follow you or not follow you based on how often you write, what you write about, as well as people’s tastes. But as you continue to update your Twitter account, you should always take note of:
The increasing number of followers that you acquire over time.

How long they continue to follow your account and whether they will stop following you if you don’t update for a period of time.

As well as the followers who have stuck with you the entire time.

These people are willing to stick with you from the beginning and are not the people who will jump off the bandwagon if you don’t update. These are the people who would most likely be the most eager to help you promote your business.