10 Money Making Ideas You Can Start This Week

If you are out of work and thinking of starting a business and short of ideas here are a few things that might get you into gear.

  1. Start a bed and breakfast. Obviously, you need to be good with people and have some sort of talent for catering and running a house. You also need to be where people want to go. It’s no good being down a back alley in the slums. However, given a bit of luck, you can make enough money to live for free.
  2. Run car boot sales. Seasonal, of course, but if you can find an empty field that a local farmer will rent you and you do a bit of advertising you can charge £10 for each stallholder. Just 100 stallholders on a Sunday is £1,000 per week.
  3. Mobile car washing and valeting have become very popular in recent years. Many car owners don’t want to go through a car wash and would willingly pay for someone to do it by hand.
  4. Carpet and upholstery cleaning. Not the easiest of tasks since it can take it out of you physically, but that’s why many householders would rather get someone in to do it than do it themselves. You can offer discounts for doing more than one room.
  5. Office or home cleaning. Offices and businesses get dirty and so do homes. Most business owners don’t want to close the doors at 5.30 and then start cleaning their shop. They’ve had enough for the day and would rather pay someone else – you – to do it instead.
  6. Window cleaning. Yes. Pretty mundane and boring, but windows will always get dirty and will always need cleaning. You don’t need a lot of expensive equipment and delivering a couple of thousand flyers by hand should get you enough for a week’s work.
  7. Bookkeeping. Great if you are mathematically inclined and something of an accountant. Many – no, most – small business owners are experts at what they do but when it comes to figures they haven’t a clue. If this is what you enjoy then you can make a very good income.
  8. Hire your talent online. If you have particular skills you can make money by answering peoples questions online. You might be good at car mechanics, computer repairs, or you could be a solicitor. There are sites where you can hire your skills online for people who need urgent answers to their questions.
  9. Buying and selling gold online. Believe it or not, you can make a comfortable living doing this and you don’t need to be a genius. Google it and you’ll find an ebook or two that will get you started.
  10. Write a book and sell it on Amazon Kindle. Better still, have somebody else write the book and then you sell it on Amazon Kindle. Lots of information available on this if you Google it and once your book is selling it just keeps selling. Sweet.